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How to prepare for your Newborn session with me!

Hi! Welcome!

I can't wait to see you, your family and your newest little one in my studio. Whether this is your first or fifth newborn, there are always some little tips and tricks to help us have a successful newborn shoot!

First things First:  We know that your baby's birthday can be unpredictable. It's best to contact us as soon as you have your little one so we can schedule your session within day 10-14! Add us to the "first to know" list!

Why days 10-14? Newborn sessions are most successful when done within the first 14 days of birth.

Most of the poses will be done while baby is sleeping and we will be posing them in those cute curled-up

newborn positions. They must be sleepy enough for us to handle them. After the first 14 days of life they become a bit more alert, their eyesight develops past a couple inches and discover the joy of stretching! They're less likely to be sleeping deeply enough to be scrunched into those cute posing positions.

During the Session: As soon as you get here, I like to start right away! I'll take your little one out of their carseat and we get going! It is HOT in my studio to keep your babe comfortable even if it makes us a little uncomfortable, so please dress accordingly! If you ever get too hot, please feel free to step outside and get some fresh air and water! I start with beanbag backdrops and then onto props! I like to complete parent/siblings/family at the very end of the session and ask that Dad/Grandma/Friend can bring siblings at the very end so they're not bored! We can give a half an hour heads up!

The Nitty Gritty: Poop happens! Please don't be upset or feel bad if baby decides it's time to go potty

when he/she is in the buff and being photographed! This is totally natural and it's just part of the job. We

launder all blankets with non-scented baby detergent between sessions.

Hungry? A well fed baby is a happy sleepy baby. Please feed baby right before our session- this means to feed right before you leave your home! This will ensure a nice sleepy "milk drunk" babe. We are also happy to take as many breaks as baby needs. If he or she gets hungry during a shoot it's no problem. It's tough work being a super model!

What to wear? I can certainly help with that! Please reach out to me and we can discuss colors, fabrics etc! But as a rule of thumb, it's always best to avoid neon and crazy patterns!

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